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Din Din Book of No-nonsense Poetry#1

There are many things parents can do to help children with autism overcome their challenges. One of them is by teaching them concepts they may not understand.

For author Diane Sytarchuk-Kent, she uses poetry to help her developmentally challenges child to understand concepts complimented by social stories within each of her poem.


Din Din Book of No-Nonsense Poetry #2

This collection of poetry is meant to be a pleasure for all to read. It is meant to be a help for both people with cognitive difficulties and their caregivers. There may be useful ideas to caregivers. The people with impairments will finally have something they can readily understand (the pictures or social stories).

The poetry may or may not make sense. The ideas are brought forth in a way as to give understanding to the social aspect behind the words. The author is trying to give back to the world for all the help she has received in this area.


Meet the Author

Meet the Author

Diane Sytarchuk-Kent

She lives in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan in the country of Canada. She is of french origin. She is the first female child of six children.

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