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Diane Sytarchuk-Kent

Diane Marie Sytarchuk-Kent lives in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan in the country of Canada. She is of french origin. She is the first female child of six children. Her favorite occupation was learning although she did not read much in her life. She soaked up knowledge. She became very sick as a teenager and had many, many struggles in her life.


Diane grew up on a farm in rural Saskatchewan in between the towns of Domremy and Bellevue which is close to the famous place of Batoche where the metis Louis Riel had the famous battle of Batoche. She lived on this farm until she was nineteen. She got married in her nineteenth year to a Ukrainian man and gave him three beautiful children. Two of these children went on to further education after high school. One earned a Bachelor in psychology and the other was at the top of his class at Siast in computer programming. They are both working and reside in Saskatoon. The other child is a beautiful young man and is on the lower end of the autism spectrum disorder. He is the one Sytarvhuk-Kent is dedicating this book to. She wanted to give back to the medical profession and her beautiful autistic community something they can benefit from.


Diane divorced her first husband and went on to marry a kind, beautiful, hardworking, loyal, gentle and handsome man. Unfortunately, he developed leukemia and passed away on April 10, 20150. Diane loved him with all her heart. All her children loved and respected him very much and found him a good role model.